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Kit,Drop, Medical, Parachutist

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  • The Parachutist Medical Kit

    was developed and produced by riggers of the 82d Airborne Division sometime in early 1944. The kit’s design was loosely based upon the US Marine Corps’ Medical Drop Kit. The latter saw contained use during training in Oujda and later in Operation Torch with the 307th Airborne Medical Company (82d Airborne Division).

    The kit was made from heavy Olive Drab canvas, with two large shoulder loops attached to the rear made from white parachute harness material. A large closing flap was attached to the kit which allowed three internal pockets to be protected during the jump. This outer flap was closed by means of three “Lift-The-Dot” fastenings; one in the center, one in the left corner, and one in the right. It was commonplace for this front flap to also be adorned with Geneva Convention symbols – typically a Greek-style red cross inside a circular white field (some remaining original examples also have this white field outlined with a solid black border). Inside, the kit contains three pockets, two small ancillary pockets which ordinarily fold in when the bag is to be carried on the back or above the chest pack parachute during the jump, and a larger pocket in the center. Each pocket is closed by means of a canvas flap with a single “Lift-The-Dot” fastening in the middle. To each ancillary pocket is attached a cotton tape which can be used to tie the three pockets together during the jump.

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