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  • U.S.T5 Parachute full Assembly  white (Reproduction)

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    The classic troop parachute of the U.S. airborne during the war was the T5. It was approved as the standard troop type on 1 3 June 1941. It is identified by its three separate snap hook Harness closures, separable reserve pack, and pack tray flaps That fully enclose the main canopy.


    The harness was fabricated from multiple layers of Type VIII cotton webbing which is 3/4" wide, has two black center nylon threads and a rated tensile strength of 2900 pounds  Initially the harness was made from undyed, white webbing.

    I hand made this early T5 Harness,usually called training version had V rings for reserve attachment.

    the packtray and pullout panel were made with 14OZ all cotton canvas in OD3(KHAKI). 

    all webbing and tape are exactlly same as the original undot TYPE VIII webbing,(15mm ,1 1/4, 1 3/4)

    also the  binding tape in khaki.

    C.S osborne  Brass Plain Rim Grommets same as used on original pack.

    full length static line,4th pattern staticline hook.

    the chest guard was not tacked, for buyer can adjust to a right position. will send a Vring and some all cotton threads for you to DIY.



    a match early 22FTs T5 RESERVED CHEST PACK .42K5960-1,reliance.

    The early T5 reserve is quickly identified by flap extensions of the container that served for carrying.

    Made with 14OZ all cotton canvas.

    correct 1inche webbing

    original type binding tapes.

    full detail, steel frame inside.

    original size snap hooks.

    accurate demansion size.

    Baby LIFT THE DOT snaps. 

    mabye the only this type you can buy on the market.

    so you have a whole assembly .