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Type 97 Parachute Harness

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    Type 97 Parachute Harness 97式落下傘


    pls contact first

    Japanese buyers,please provide your address detail in  漢字,including full name , address, city, post code, most important is you Tel No.(Japan:0- 10 digits or 0- 11 digits cell phone).

     *Korean buyer pls provide your Tel No. and Tex No.(P+12digits)

    For EU buyer:the courier will Pre collect 25%VAT plus the freight, when the package delivery to your door,you don't need to pay VAT.  The shipping total is not including and possible Import Duty or Tax!

    deposit $500, 

    deliveryTerm :15 days

    Standard type:

    Army type QR BOX ,steel surface treatment

    Dark green webbing 

    tape ripcord holder

    light OD color back pad


    old military webbing(faded)$150 PLUS

    Dark OD color back pad

    cotton cloth label Army type : $20 /PAIR  操縱者用落下傘(97式)

    藤倉航空工業株式會社 or 三菱電機株式會社 郡山工場

    bungee cord with hook$25
























    Type 97 Navy(2型)

    Standard type:

    Navy type QR BOX ,Matte surface treatment

    Dark green webbing 

    light OD color back pad


    option parts:

    Real steel ripcord holder: $25

    Dummy alloy ripcord holder: $8

    Navy anchor marking Buckles(Main ift & waist:2 pairs):$60 

    cotton cloth label Navy type : $20 /PAIR  97式 落下傘(2型)








    Dummy alloy ripord holder